Two new products, spotless expressions of the Brand, to always carry with you!

18 May 2022

On the occasion of our 110th anniversary, a special duo of leather accessories is born: the Notebook 100+10 Anniversary and the Wine Bag.

The 100+10 Anniversary Notebook with its own design and impeccable savoi-fair is the object to put on the table in an environment with attention to every detail.

It is covered in the innovative Pelle Frau® Impact Less leather: the most sustainable leather in the catalogue, because it is tanned without the use of chrome and with significantly less water and fewer chemical components. The cover is available in two all purpose colours, saddle-leather and blue, and the 32 initial pages tell the story of the brand through images and words.


A Wine Bag entirely in Pelle Frau® leather celebrates the oldest of beverages: wine. With a rigid structure, Wine Bag features a single compartment to easily and safely hold and transport bottles.

The exterior Pelle Frau® leather covering and the interior is lined to dampen vibrations and provide maximum protection for the glass.

A perfect and elegant wine bag to take it wherever you want!