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21 October 2021

Boundless Living Outdoor Collections fly to Shanghai

The boundless vision of Poltrona Frau moves to the East, with the presentation of the new outdoor collections for the first time simultaneously with the western world.

Through an immersive natural experience designed to explore the collection without limitations between indoor and outdoor environments the Shanghai Flagship showroom has been renewed on Thursday October 21st, and so Key Opinion Leaders, media, and influencers could experience first-hand the essence of Boundless Living Outdoor Collections: the two new Poltrona Frau collections designed by international designers to re-define moods and lifestyles with the concept of essentiality in mind.

Among our guests of the event, Elle Decor China Editor in chief Leon Sun, Frame China Editorial Director Yao Zhuozhuo, Ideat publisher Maggie Gao and trendsetters like Hello DaH and Celica Chen.

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