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26 November 2021

Poltrona Frau reopens in Casablanca!

Since many years the Poltrona Frau amateurs in Morocco had a well-known store in the heart of their capital but, starting today, they can enjoy a 320sqm monobrand showroom completely dedicated to the style and character of the Brand. The renovated Casablanca showroom managed by Interlux is in the district called Triangle d’Or, meaning the prestigious area of the city center where the most famous brands and the most beautiful showrooms can be found.

Multicultural and heterogeneous, Casablanca raptures from the very first moment. An environment between tradition and modernity, able to welcome and amaze anyone.

Casablanca is also the economical center of the country, it represents liveness and is considered one of the many African “eldorados”.

Poltrona Frau Casablanca is ready to welcome you.

Poltrona Frau Casablanca

04, Bd Abdellatif Ben Kaddour – Triangle d’Or

20100 Casablanca – Morocco

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