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19 February 2021

Poltrona Frau on the crest of a wave with Cigarette Racing

The know-how, the innate elegance and the passion for new challenges, led Poltrona Frau to array the interiors of the powerful Tirranna 59’.

Cigarette Racing, a renowned American leader in the luxury offshore industry, collaborating with Italian Architect and Designer Giorgio Cassetta (the 2019 World Superyatch Award winner), created a boat which is an unconventional marriage of strength and style.

59 feet long, the boat features 6 engines reaching 2.700hp and a 65 knots maximum speed. Tirranna 59’ is the ultimate ascendancy over the conventional, the mundane, the uninspired - it champions singularity in all aspects of life and represents boundless possibility.

In this context Poltrona Frau enters the scene, after a throughout research on high performance shapes and materials, dressing the Tirranna ’59 interiors using its best savoir faire.

The special Pelle Frau® guarantees that unmatchable aesthetical, tactile, and durable qualities of the matter resonate in the boat’s inner spaces. Meeting the higher quality standards, adding refined details and performances, Poltrona Frau Custom Interiors brings the design by Giorgio M. Cassetta to life, with customized and tailored products that ensure each boat’s unicity.

The cockpit area displays seven seats: pilot, co-pilot and second row passengers. Each seat is ergonomically designed to allow an always erect and supported seating position.

The cabin area is entirely upholstered in Pelle Frau® and incorporates furniture such as pop-up TV cabinets, California king sized bed, a leather sofa that turns into an extra bed. The large glass surfaces on the hull let the natural light to enrich this whole space in a magical atmosphere.

Discover more on: https://www.cigaretteracing.com/boats/59-tirranna

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