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Bologna Airport

Poltrona Frau Contract carried out the project to refurbish and expand the passenger terminal at G. Marconi airport in Bologna. Poltrona Frau Contract worked closely with the contractor to develop all of the departure lounges, supplying and installing around 200 seats.

Waiting times have become an important part of the travel experience and it is important to be able to cater for all possible requirements - privacy or connectivity, relaxation or interaction - with products that meet the highest possible standards in terms of comfort. Poltrona Frau Contract’s specific brief was the customisation of the Nubi seat, a bench with a plywood structure and poplar backrests that stands out for its versatility. In fact, the Nubi modules supplied can be arranged in different ways to create dynamic compositions. In the waiting area closest to the gates, the chosen system was Fly_Air Airport Seating, a product launched on the market in late 2013 and used for the first time at Bologna Airport. The seats were installed without any interruption to the regular flow of passengers in the airport. In fact, the airport continued to function as normal thanks to the precise checkerboard organisation of the installation.

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