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Narita International Airport

Airports are often considered neutral places, non-places, areas where millions of individualities cross each other without interaction, and that group all the world’s diversity while leaving outside any mention to the territory there are built upon.
Since 2020 the Narita International Airport breaks this rule thanks to the seating by Poltrona Frau.

Declined in 24 colors, 8.691 AETOS seats and 300 FLY_AIR chaise-lounge bring the typical shades of the Japanese seasons within the lounge areas of Narita.

The project ha been entirely developed by Poltrona Frau Custom Interiors, the unit in charge for Contract projects, using two of its catalog’s bestsellers.
AETOS, seating system designed with EOOS, is composed by three-seat modules mounted on horizontal structures in aluminium. This system is especially designed to answer the evolving needs and expectations when it comes to travel and waiting areas.
The FLY_AIR chaise-longues of the second seating system installed in Narita are born from the collaboration with CMR and combine a comfortable and functional design with consummate elegance, offering headrests and footrest as well.

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