Design by

Giulio Ridolfo with Chiara Novello

Like a refined leather-bound
travel diary

The Journey collection of decorative cushions celebrates the atmospheres and memories of once-visited places such as the fields parched by the sun, the natural flow of watercourses and the yards of villages lit up by lanterns through a precious 3D-effect geometric weave.

Designed by Giulio Ridolfo with Chiara Novello, the cushions are characterised by precious weaves and new colours that showcase the new ColorSphere® system.

A sensitive and cultured
chromatic interpretation

With three different multi-colour proposals,
the Journey decorative cushions are specifically designed
to celebrate new chromatic combinations.

“We may talk about balance
and counterpoints, inlays that
tell of Japanese light and shade.”

Giulio Ridolfo

A time-honoured traditions of the leathercraft industry

A balance between weaving and inlay in which each hand-woven strip, the expression of the small craftsmanship tradition, consists of three leather laces in progressive shades of colour.

The finishing touch

The focus on design and high-quality
craftsmanship in the area of furnishing accessories
add a simple but sophisticated touch to a room’s decor.

“The memory of landscapes
lived as the effect of encounters
between weaving and inlay, with a
three-dimensional materiality,
lively and refined.”

Giulio Ridolfo

Giulio Ridolfo
with Chiara Novello

Italian "colour master" Giulio Ridolfo was born in Udine, Italy and graduated with a Master degree in Fashion Design from Milan's Domus Academy in 1985.

He has since worked as a sought-after colour advisor to many of the world's leading interior, clothing and footwear companies.

Ridolfo draws his inspiration from diverse sources such as photography, art and fashion. He gathers images, colours, patterns and textures then combines these different elements and expressions until he creates something new.

Before graduating in Architecture at Politecnico of Milan, Chiara Novello was able to deepen a more artisan and conceptual approach to architecture by studying at the Technical University of Lisbon.

After years of collaboration with renowned architecture firms in Milan, in parallel with her academic assignments, in 2013 she founded Studio A/C with Alessia Pessano.

Together they continue to develop projects of different scales, trying to always operate in the spaces in which they intervene with a bespoke approach, in search of a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Three different
multi-colour proposals

A year ago Poltrona Frau asked world renowned colourist and textile designer Giulio Ridolfo to help the company completely redesign its colour chart. This long-term partnership has produced ColorSphere®, an innovative colour system that groups together the various shades on the basis of emotional/perceptive criteria rather than technical/scientific factors.

Here you are the unreleased nuance.

Pier 1

The new range of colors analyzes the intense and elegant greens, up to the lighter, glaucous and natural ones.


Shades of brown which are inspired by the colors of leather and hide. Timeless tones of the great English tradition of clubs, fumoir and equestrian world.


Inspired by the famous geisha district of Kyoto, its lights, nightlife, refinement are summed up in the vibrant and refined shades of purple and blue, combined with vivid yellow.

Here you are, Journey.