22 July 2015

A Workshop week in Tolentino for the winners of Wasteless project, developed by Poltrona Frau and Parsons, The New School for design of New York.

Poltrona Frau and Parsons The New School for Design still together for the forth edition of “Wasteless” project.


The project involved third-year students of Product Design class that have been called upon to design and develop new products, mainly objects, using leather remnants belonging to Poltrona Frau's wastes production.

The real challenge was to create luxury objects from a high quality material but no more usable due to dimension' variety and shapes.

The students took on creation and planning working phases before to be judged by a jury choosing the products that had better interpreted the spirit of the project and the company's values.




The 2015 edition winners, three Korean students proclaimed in New York during the ICFF, are: Huira Koo with “Dorico” project, a waste-paper basket inspired to the classical architectonical order; Iris Moon with “Cappuccio”, a original leather and metal candle snuffer and Juwon Bahn with “Farfalla”, a elegant double face napkin ring.


The students had just spent a week in Tolentino in Poltrona Frau headquarter. They had the chance to know closely the company, visiting the factory and the Museum, but above all to develop their prototypes in a professional way thanks to the tutorial of the Product development team and craftsmen.

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