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22 July 2014

An exclusive experience to discover the origins of material. Presentation of the “Bolero Limited Edition”.

The Bolero Limited Edition table was presented during an exclusive dinner in the unique scenery of the ancient Roman quarry of Piastrone – Bacino di Gioia in the province of Carrara. A surreal background for the launch of Bolero table designed by Roberto Lazzeroni now also available in an extraordinary limited edition.


41 pieces, numbered and branded from 00 to 40, each one with a different marble table top because of the special processing that involves special abrasive brushes that etch the surface in a random manner to create a texture that changes according to the hardness of the material in the marble. Each time the result is different and absolutely unique.


The table top is in “Arabescato” marble, a white Carrara marble with dark grey grain known as “arabeschi”, and the base has a Canaletto walnut veneer with a semi-glossy hand-applied oil finish.


The large 3 x 1 m table top is an irregular extended polygon with 12 sides that create a faceted effect that is almost oval in shape. The table top surface has a special “Moonface” finish that enhances its textural effect and gives the marble a rugged, 3D feel that recalls the naturalness of a rough gemstone.


The angle of the edge is different on each side of the table according to a symmetrical approach and creates a characteristic intersecting-layer effect as if the marble had been cut using a scalpel.


The marble used for the 41 Bolero Limited Edition table tops is cut from a single block, extracted in the Monte Corchia quarry owned by Savema - Italy's leading ornamental stone manufacturer - with whom the project was developed. The stone was chosen taking particular care to guarantee the significant and uniform presence of the grain, which makes it more valuable.

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