Poltrona Frau has studied the various sleeping habits. Deep in the soft embrace of goose down or gently supported by anatomic padding with a memory effect. Three are the models available.
Piuma pillow -Cleaned and sterilized premium goose down. Ergonomic, self-contouring, elastic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, breathable and ventilated, washable. Washing and sanitation procedures in compliance with the laws in force (D.P.R. 23/01/75 N°845 -D.M.10/11/76) Composition of fabric : 100% cotton. Size 50 x 80 cm.
Memoria pillow - Temperature sensitive memory foam: this Polyurethane foam monobloc automatically conforms to the pressure points of the head and of the neck; it is based on water without CFC, with ventilation holes, non-deformable, dehumidifying, with open and intercommunicating cells for a perfect transpiration. Fabric composition : 100% cotton. Dimensions 45 x 75 cm.
Onda pillow - Latex foam ergonomic monobloc; “soap bar” shape, non-deformable, automodelling, with open and intercommunicating cells, ventilation holes. Fabric composition : 100% cotton. Dimensions cm. 45 x 75 cm.

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