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The splendour of silk, the depth of velvet, the finesse of linen, the natural beauty of leather; soft and opulent colours, rich and refined patterns. Poltrona Frau's Decorative Pillows add a precious note of personal and authentic taste to any home.

For the collection's debut, which includes 17 different proposals, the Tolentino based company took inspiration from two of the most refined and interesting reference points of international textile decoration: the colour designer India Mahdavi and the legendary silk genius, Jim Thompson.


Five pillows are covered with precious, 100% cotton velvet chosen from Pierre Frey's End Velvet Collection.  India Mahdavi designed the colour range. She is a designer appreciated worldwide for her eclectic and elegant use of colour. Sensual to the touch, velvet adds joyfulness and light to the designer's colours. Poltrona Frau has chosen the nuances Fine Powder, Fine Terracotta, Fine Dijon, Fine Fouger and Fine Duck and paired them with five colours of Pelle Frau® leather used to add a very thin piping around the edges of the pillows. The label bearing the company's logo is also in Pelle Frau® leather.


In the part of the collection dedicated to Jim Thompson each pillow has the appeal of a painting.

The American designer's adventurous life brought him to Thailand in the 1940s, where he was struck by the country's traditional silk processing and founded his company, the Thai Silk Company.

His fabrics interpret the vibrant colours of the orient with western taste and elegance and have been commissioned by royalty, used in large Hollywood productions and in the most luxurious hotels, becoming an icon. Thompson's company is still based in Bangkok and has preserved its artisan techniques of spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, in addition to the preciousness of its raw materials.

Poltrona Frau has selected 12 fabrics from the vast selection offered by Jim Thompson, which vary in types of yarn, weaving techniques and decorative motifs: oriental landscape drawings from the 17th century frozen in time and printed in 21 colours; floral motifs inspired by traditional Asian ceramics in jacquard embroidery on silk satin. Caladium foliage printed on linen in vibrant red or purple tones or in the delicate nuances of grey-blues; a fine satin linen printed with handmade printing frames that represent the lion dance, a characteristic feature of the Chinese new year parade;  sophisticated patterns inspired by the Banyan tree in three wonderful faded colours with flowering Lobster Claws, a tropical plant that grew in the garden of the designer's legendary home in Thailand, on a fine linen fabric embroidered with colourful viscose threads.

The pillows made with Jim Thompson's authorial prints are finished with fabric piping and a label in camel-coloured Cuoio Saddle® Extra leather, with a hot-stamped Poltrona Frau logo.


All the Decorative Pillows in the collection are available in the sizes 47x47 cm and 35x57 cm.


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