Gli Oggetti — Zhuang

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Gli Oggetti — Zhuang


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1In Chinese, “zhuang” means to protect something special. The collection of containers designed by the Neri & Hu design studio offers a system of small storage boxes characterised by a minimalistic and ultra-modern design. The two stackable circular and oval boxes feature leather lids, while each box comprises four stackable containers held together by a matt natural brass aluminium base.Two larger boxes with the same geometric shapes complete the collection.The boxes and containers can be positioned in different areas of the home such as the living room or bedroom to store treasured possessions or everyday items. The convenient handle evokes the classic stacking crates used every day in Asia and gives rise to a new domestic ritual.2All of the boxes in the Zhuang collection are crafted from solid Canaletto Walnut and carved from a single piece by numerically controlled machinery. Each box is finished with a Saddle Extra leather strap in carbon or camel. The leather is embellished with extremely fine stitching used in leather goods, with a light contrast thread and is branded with the Poltrona Frau logo. 

Technical drawings

zhuang 5519020

zhuang 5519022

zhuang 5519080

zhuang 5519082



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