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Brief is an innovative solution, with anatomically-designed seat and backrest. Through a unique, synchronized adjustment system, it adapts to suit the size and height of each user, easily supporting many different variations in posture. Steel structure. Padding of moulded polyurethane foam. Base comprised of five spokes, in black or polished aluminium finish. In the adjustable model, the height of each arm can be independently controlled, and the user can set the height, varying within a range of 6 centimetres. The chair back is also equipped with a mechanism that permits height adjustment of up to 6 centimetres, with respect to the seat. Upholstery is in leather from the Pelle Frau® Color System or in Natural leather.

Technical Information

  • Dimensions

Brief - President


Brief - Executive


Executive without arms

Brief - Managerial


Managerial without arms

Brief - Meeting Large

Meeting Large

Meeting Large without arms

Brief - Meeting


Meeting without arms

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