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Trust is both a design system and a system of values. The collection comprises desks, self-supporting walls and storage units. Surfaces, accessories and architectures combine to create a calm and trusting ambience.It creates a versatile and open space that encourages dialogue. All Trust elements can be freely combined together to organise interiors, adapting to the working style of the inhabitants. Volumes and constructions are airy, light and at the same time material. Trust desks go beyond the idea of a traditional, separate and static desk. The top has no sharp corners, communicating openness and dialogue. The tapered edges facilitate the posture of the occupant, providing comfortable support.  The system comprises two versions, both in three dimensions. “Iconic”, with its wavy and irregular profile, encourages sharing, offering various sides and stations. The “Regular” variant maintains the classic rectangular form, which it combines with smooth profiles. “Iconic” also comes in an extra-large size, a versatile desk and meeting desk hybrid.  The Desk version with storage unit features an asymmetric design: it is supplied with a storage unit, supporting one of the two sides, and a leg. The top is veneered oak TW in one of two available finishes. The exterior of the storage unit, including the front surfaces of the drawers, is upholstered in leather or saddle-leather.  The desks top can be equipped with a cable management door. It acts as an exit for electrical cables and gives access to a double compartment inside the desktop. The compartment is provided with a black grommet and can be also equipped with an electrical device to be purchased separately.  Trust also comes in a "Small" size, perfect as a cosy personal workstation or home desk. The top has a groove for the electrical cables coming through the inner drawer (when this option is requested).   

Technical drawings

Trust Desk - regular desk 183x92

TRUST_5644701_A_regulardesk 183x92

TRUST_5644701_B_regulardesk 183x92

TRUST_5644701_C_regulardesk 183x92

TRUST_5644701_D_regulardesk 183x92

TRUST_5644701_E_regulardesk 183x92

Trust Desk - regular desk 214x107

TRUST_5644702_A_regulardesk 214x107

TRUST_5644702_B_regulardesk 214x107

TRUST_5644702_C_regulardesk 214x107

TRUST_5644702_D_regulardesk 214x107

TRUST_5644702_E_regulardesk 214x107

TRUST_5644706_A_iconicdesk 214x107

TRUST_5644706_B_iconicdesk 214x107

TRUST_5644706_C_iconicdesk 214x107

TRUST_5644706_D_iconicdesk 214x107

TRUST_5644706_E_iconicdesk 214x107

Trust Desk - regular desk with storage unit 214x107

TRUST_5644711_A_regulardesk wSU214x107

TRUST_5644711_B_regulardesk wSU214x107

TRUST_5644711_C_regulardesk wSU214x107

TRUST_5644711_D_regulardesk wSU214x107

TRUST_5644711_E_regulardesk wSU214x107

TRUST_5644711_F_regulardesk wSU214x107

Trust Desk - iconic desk 183x97

TRUST_5644705_A_iconicdesk 183x97

TRUST_5644705_B_iconicdesk 183x97

TRUST_5644705_C_iconicdesk 183x97

TRUST_5644705_D_iconicdesk 183x97

TRUST_5644705_E_iconicdesk 183x97

Trust Desk - iconic desk 228x137

TRUST_5644707_A_iconicdesk 228x137

TRUST_5644707_B_iconicdesk 228x137

TRUST_5644707_C_iconicdesk 228x137

TRUST_5644707_D_iconicdesk 228x137

TRUST_5644707_E_iconicdesk 228x137

Trust Desk - iconic desk with storage unit 214x107

TRUST_5644716_A_iconicdesk wSU214x107

TRUST_5644716_B_iconicdesk wSU214x107

TRUST_5644716_C_iconicdesk wSU214x107

TRUST_5644716_D_iconicdesk wSU214x107

TRUST_5644716_E_iconicdesk wSU214x107

TRUST_5644716_F_iconicdesk wSU214x107

Trust Desk - small desk

TRUST_5644700_A_smalldesk 145x68

TRUST_5644700_B_smalldesk 145x68

Trust Desk - small desk with storage unit

TRUST_5644710_A_smalldesk wSU145x68

TRUST_5644710_B_smalldesk wSU145x68



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