18 April 2019


“Connecting Experiences” is the theme of the Poltrona Frau collection at the 2019 Salone del Mobile. Architect Michele De Lucchi has also managed to transpose it in the Poltrona Frau Stand, interpreting it with a kind of agora, a public space designed to stimulate dialogue and exchange between people. 

The Poltrona Frau Stand develops around a central patio, a large eye-catching space with a lattice roof made from a weave of wooden strips inspired by the treillage of Italian-style gardens. 

The ring-shaped route winds around a series of rooms which all look out onto a central courtyard with a game of perspectives that is accentuated by the large proportions and lofty heights that bring to mind the ceilings of historic palazzi and Renaissance villas. An aesthetic richness that transmits a sense of beauty, luxury and wonder, exalting the settings and the furniture displayed within. 

In the words of Michele De Lucchi: "The true wonder of the space can be seen when the proportions and perspectives create an image that takes us beyond the realm of everyday, standardised and conventional items and into a world of dreams where even the most unlikely things are somehow possible".

Experience again the emotions of Poltrona Frau spaces and discover here the 2019 new products!

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