11 June 2020

Happy Birthday, Vanity Fair!

Happy Birthday, Vanity Fair!

Poltrona Frau celebrates the 90th anniversary of its iconic armchair by presenting a revisited version.

To celebrate its 90th anniversary of the launch of Vanity Fair, Poltrona Frau presents Vanity XC, a reinterpretation of its armchair-symbol designed by the Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre in collaboration with the designer Roberto Lazzeroni.

Ninety years and still going strong. “Modello 904” began production as far back as 1930, known with the name Vanity Fair starting in 1984. The original design seems to have been re-worked by Poltrona Frau starting from the drawings Renzo Frau left his wife Savina. With the passing of the years, Vanity Fair has become one of the universally recognised icons of Italian design, and the Poltrona Frau’s emblem.

Indeed, the armchair embodies all those values of timeless elegance, quality materials and handicraft skill that have made the Poltrona Frau brand famous over the years.

The result is a version that is respectful of the original but even more comfortable and welcoming, adapting its proportions to the lifestyles of today.

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