The Kompass auditorium seat, designed by Austrian studio Eoos for Poltrona Frau, is the maximum expression of minimalism. Pure, sleek lines, precise proportions and a special hidden closing mechanism come together to create a compact and ordered piece of architecture reminiscent of a compass in its box.


The structure of the Kompass auditorium seat is made from metal and wood. The polyurethane padding guarantees maximum comfort, prevents deformation over time and maintains the seat’s load-bearing capacity and textural features. The spring system consists of elastic belts. The seat tips-up automatically with joints in noise-damping nylon. Upholstery in Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System, fabric or velvet. The Kompass seat can be installed in straight or curved rows using a metal base lacquered with scratch-proof and shock-resistant epoxy dusts.



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