Originally created for the RAI auditorium by leading architect Carlo Mollino, the Mollino seat was redesigned to meet the needs of sophisticated modern audiences. It preserves the minimalist and curvy elegance typical of the 1970s.
Specifications: Upholstered in fabric, the Mollino armchair is composed of a strong steel, MDF and solid beech frame.

To guarantee maximum comfort, the chair is padded with fire-resistant polyurethane foam and the spring system consists of woven elastic belts. An automatic retraction system consisting of counterweights quietly and discreetly returns the seat to its original position. It is anchored to the floor quite simply through elegantly moulded tubular metal feet, available in different finishes.
Variants: the Mollino seat can be upholstered with different materials chosen from a range of comfortable and resistant fabrics or sustainably sourced leathers. The feet are normally painted black but on request they can be supplied with a chrome or brass galvanic finish. On request, the armchair can be fitted with a backrest panel.


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