Compasso d’Oro ADI

“ADI Compasso D’Oro career award” to Franco Moschini. The president of Poltrona Frau Group receives the prestigious “ADI Compasso D’Oro career award”

Milan – Franco Moschini, president of Poltrona Frau Group, received on 14th June the 24th ADI COMPASSO D’ORO CAREER AWARD 2016, during the ceremony organised by ADI (the Italian Association for Industrial Design), held in the splendid venue of Palazzo Isimbardi, in Milan.

The award was given to Franco Moschini with the following motivation:

“For constantly being in search of excellence in arts and design, transforming a prestigious historical brand into a modern company where design, technology, craftsmanship and tradition come together in perfect harmony while maintaining the high quality of the products.

For creating a research centre in the heart of the Marche Region where the best Italian and international designers have succeeded in creating iconic products appreciated worldwide. For having continuously combined the entrepreneurial and cultural aspect, constantly engaged in training projects involving skills and local territories.”

It is prestigious recognition for a visionary, tenacious businessman, a veteran of the furnishing industry who has always dared, gone beyond the limits, innovated, surprised and even provoked. He has observed and interpreted society and its changes with intuition and perspicacity.

He himself has summarised his career and achievements as follows: “As a businessman, I have tried to cultivate imagination, experimentation and innovation. I have looked at history, added dreams and a healthy dose of insanity without which, as Garcia Lorca warned, it would imprudent to live.”

Since taking the helm of Poltrona Frau in 1962, Franco Moschini has identified the strong potential of this company founded in Turin in 1912. For more than 50 years he has dedicated himself totally to the company, to its evolution in an international industrial context.

“I am honoured,” said Franco Moschini, “to receive such an internationally coveted and esteemed award as the ADI Compasso d’Oro career award.  I have received many personal and professional awards during my life, but I am particularly proud of this one. I dedicate it, with sincere affection, to all the women and men who have collaborated with me throughout my working life.”

This important award arrives at the same time as the release of his autobiography: “Franco Moschini – Vita di un imprenditore del bello” by Francesco Alberoni and Giulio Alberoni, that it will be officially presented on Tuesday, 21st June in the showroom of Via Manzoni, 30 in Milan.

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