At Orgatec, Poltrona Frau has presented a new office collection inspired by the “Forms of Dialogue” in a stand designed by Michele De Lucchi.

Architect Michele De Lucchi has designed Poltrona Frau stand at Orgatec to resemble a huge cave, from where visitors can view the new vision of Poltrona Frau’s office collection.

Hundreds of wooden shingles form a structure that creates continuous movement of light and shadow, a light and elegant filter that wraps the entire 400 square metres space.


Poltrona Frau has launched a new office proposal that want to promote relations and present an office design aiming to stimulate work methods which better suit a contemporary manager.

Openness to dialogue, sharing, flexibility and horizontality are combined with the tradition and values of Poltrona Frau: a global dialogue that comes to design new shapes for the office environment and embraces an international, multicultural audience with extreme elegance.

TRUST desk system designed by Lievore-Altherr-Park, reinterprets the values of Poltrona Frau with a unique expressive language: natural materials, craftmanship, warmth and comfort are combined in an original way with light architectures and aesthetics and the freedom of configurations.

 Lievore-Altherr-Park has also designed a new office chair: CERCLE that finds its natural placement within the spaces of TRUST.


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