Poltrona Frau Contract launches a brand new version of the “Geneva Chair”, designed by Behnisch Architekten

Poltrona Frau Contract Division launches a brand new version of the cutting-edge hi-tech chair, called the Geneva Chair, a sinuous and elegant chair characterized by a compact and light profile. Designed by German architecture firm Behnisch Architekten, it is now also available upholstered in Kvadrat textiles Hallingdal 65 and Steelcut Trio 2, and it has a completely new identity, absolutely fresh and original.

The Geneva Chair has been originally developed by Poltrona Frau Contract Division specifically for the new conference hall of the Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Thanks to the very positive feedback regarding the innovative design of the chair, Poltrona Frau Contract and Behnisch Architekten have decided to develop various options of Geneva Chair, and include it in the Poltrona Frau Seating Collection.

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