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1Jean-Marie Massaud was inspired by the sharing friendly culture of the East with thisdesign with a circular Lazy Susan top for the new version of Jane, the iconic tablepresented by Poltrona Frau in 2017.The generous round marble top replicates the visual strength of the original Jane table,with two different aspects. The centre can be rotated, inviting diners to share food, andthe outer part is composed of four extractable radial sections, simplifying maintenance andcleaning.The precious beauty of Calacatta gold, Emperador or Fior di Pesco marble top, enhancesJane’s sculptural presence.The four columns supporting the top also create a material effect: imposing and essential,they have a solid beech wood core surrounded by high-density MDF panels, which areshaped and veneered in moka-stained ash.The ingenious steel junction between the legs and the top makes the top appear as if itwere floating in space.2The Lazy Susan version of Jane also offers the opportunity to enrich the top with severalsurface combinations: the central section is available with a glossy or semi-glossy finish,while the outer part always has a glossy finish.

Technical drawings

Jane tavolo

Jane tavolo con Lazy Susan



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