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30 April 2021

Visit the space of your dreams. Just a click away.

Pick one Flagship Store to begin and enjoy an interactive and enveloping experience:

Poltrona Frau Milano - 2021 Boundless Living Outdoor Collection

Poltrona Frau Milano - 2021 Take Your Time Collection

Poltrona Frau Los Angeles - 2021 Take Your Time Collection

Poltrona Frau London - 2020 Future of Heritage Collection

Poltrona Frau Paris - 2020 Future of Heritage Collection

Poltrona Frau Miami - 2020 Future of Heritage Collection


Poltrona Frau New York 

Poltrona Frau Shanghai

Poltrona Frau Mumbai


To immerse oneself in the settings of our showrooms, to browse through the latest collections and our icons, to discover the secrets of our products walking in Poltrona Frau, in the heart of the most important metropolitan cites of the world.

This is now possible thanks to the virtual tours of our Flagship Stores, soon with the addition of New York, Shanghai and Mumbai.


> Visit the space in video mode, step by step, dollhouse or floorplan
> Measure the size of products and spaces.
> Answer to every curiosity thanks to the different pins that offer information and anecdotes.

And, should you want to know more, on the top left corner the link to contact our Store Specialists directly.

Without further ado, go in and begin the journey in the Poltrona Frau world.

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