03 April 2017


Poltrona Frau at the Salone del Mobile Furniture Fair 2017. A 1300 m2 shell crossed by a 35-metre long vector. The heart of this project by Michele De Lucchi is a huge, almost endless telescope that emphasises the vanishing points. It is a physical and visual expression of Poltrona Frau's continuous drive to move forward, to look beyond.


On either side, tall bookcases run into one another, holding volumes bound in leather, fabric, wool and velvet, alternating with botanical green inserts to bring a dreamlike dimension to the installation. A visual library of materials. The installation is an expression of the Leathership®, Poltrona Frau's hallmark leatherwork, that begins with the leather and extends to all the materials used throughout the manufacturing process. The setting is an allusion to the Tolentino-based company's heritage of knowledge.


Big doors line the corridor, providing access to new perspectives in a sequence of different environments. The dimensions, atmospheres, colours, lights and evocations change constantly. The Leitmotif is one of a tradition redefined, bringing the Poltrona Frau style into every part of the home. The only visible element form outside the installation is a succession of windows in light, natural wood, completely surrounding the spaces and transforming them into domestic scenes that are both comfortable and inviting.


Then, suddenly, the scene changes. Windows in rough iron. At the end of the corridor, a pitch-black space emerges. A new and unexpected dimension unfolds. Large prism pedestals support the iconic Cockpit seats like sculptures. This is a project by the Ferrari Design Centre, developed and created by Poltrona Frau. The armchairs, positioned at different heights, are visible from every angle to emphasise the complexity of the structure. 


An industrial and dynamic dimension. A world of tracks and races. All surrounded by irregular shaped screens suspended in the air. Sketches, drawings, details and points in the production process are projected above, telling the story of how this partnership between two leading companies of Italian excellence began. And then, only at the end, do we make a new discovery: the new limited edition LaFerrari Aperta, launched to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Maranello-based car manufacturer which inspired this futuristic project.

Yet another expression of Poltrona Frau's characteristic dynamic, forward-thinking perspective.


Poltrona Frau
Salone del Mobile - Rho Fiera
Hall 20 - Stand C01 - F06

April 4- 9
09.30am - 6.30pm

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