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18 May 2020

Poltrona Frau launch ColorSphere®, a new way to think about color

ColorSphere® is a journey through space and time. In space, among different chromatic latitudes that simultaneously express a personal taste and inspiration and a map of the increasingly eclectic, international and complex contemporary world. Colours are evaluated in ColorSphere® following a simpler and more immediate perceptual-emotional pathway. A chromatic map that identifies and brings similar colours together in groups, creating circular groupings that are much easier to choose and combine compared to the traditional technical-scientific criterion.

"The company's heritage is projected onto the future, transforming the theme of colour into a global vision that in addition to leather involves all materials, not only in residential furniture but also in the world of office and contract" said Nicola Coropulis, CEO of the brand.

Poltrona Frau was fortunate to have the consultancy of Giulio Ridolfo for ColorSphere®, a colourist and textile designer of international renown. The goal was to consider the company's historical memory in order to update the range of colours and make it able to meet new needs. "A respectful revolution", as Ridolfo himself defined it, applying to all three souls of Poltrona Frau: the Residential, Contract and Interiors in Motion divisions become an integral part of design and a source of inspiration.

ColorSphere® is composed of seven main families ordered according to a gradual chromatic logic of tones and sub-tones: Into the Black (greys and blacks), Milky Way (whites), Foundation (blushes and beiges), Tierras (browns), Red Memories (reds), Winter Garden (blues and greens), or following a metropolitan and international chromatic inspiration (Back in Town)*. In turn, these families comprise 14 sub-groups, for a total of 73 colors. The 26 "historic" shades of the Poltrona Frau catalogue have been maintained, flanked by 47 new shades. The choice is wide and ranges from strong, self-pigmented colours to sophisticated chromatic scales of very light or - on the contrary - very vivid inter-tones. Like bubbles, the colour groups move, come closer and mix, creating ever new combinations, always in harmony with each other.

This is made possible by the extraordinary quality of the dyes, selected on the basis of their naturalness and radiance, i.e. the brightness and intensity of the colour as an integral part of the leather, in tune with its natural shade. The result is a new Pelle Frau® SC leather of unrivalled colour quality.

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