17 April 2012

Poltrona Frau: The Centenary celebrations

From 1912 to 2012 a unique history of people, culture and a strong identity.

Recounted in a book, a design contest and in a museum.


1912-2012. Poltrona Frau, the epitome of Italian culture and expertise and a household name all over the world, celebrates its first hundred years. Recognised across the globe for its design, quality and creative values, the company has decided to mark the occasion by revealing the many different sides to its make-up that have made it the leading Italian company in its field. These many facets that are combined with great consistency will be revealed throughout 2012 in three different projects: a book, a design contest for young designers to launch the “centenary armchair” with a top-class judging panel, and the opening of the first Poltrona Frau museum in Tolentino. This is a series of significant investments to commemorate its first 100 years, which Poltrona Frau wishes to celebrate by looking at itself through other people's eyes, having the courage to allow itself to be stripped bare and take pride in its roots which will be shown with no filters. Poltrona Frau projects itself towards the next 100 years with the same energy and enthusiasm of the first 100.


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