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29 April 2021

Poltrona Frau wears Loro Piana Interiors

Two historic luxury brands join forces with the aim of creating an even more complete, refined and informed sensory experience.

Two ambassadors of the Made in Italy, two brands with a long tradition within the luxury segment, known for their refined savoir faire and their fine materials, come together to launch an innovative project that takes full advantage of their respective expertise:

Poltrona Frau wears Loro Piana Interiors.

The project has been developed with the precise aim of further refining its product range within the textiles area with a specific selection of the most important Loro Piana Interiors fabrics, which perfectly match with the shades of Pelle Frau® leather as well as with other natural materials like wood and marble.


Two collections have been developed, drawing inspiration from their historical roots and the geographical origins of the fibres from which they are made: Aboriginal, for the Merino wools of Australia and New Zealand, evoking the mysterious native language of the Australasian continent described by Bruce Chatwin in his famous book The Songlines; and Kashmiri, the vast and fascinating region of the Himalayas, from which the first cuts of cashmere left for Europe in the 19th century.

The Aboriginal collection includes the fabrics Altai Unito, Altai Mélange and Pecora Nera®. Altai is a refined wool and cashmere blend that combines the best qualities of the two fibres. Pecora Nera® is a very particular fabric, obtained from New Zealand merino wool, derived exclusively from sheep with dark fleece. A robust and glossy wool, its most distinctive trait lays on the fact that it is not dyed.

Meanwhile, the Kashmiri collection includes Ladakh, a soft pure cashmere velour with a plush and enveloping surface.

The Aspen plaid was created using Bouclé Alpaca in the colours Blend Zen and Sitatunga Gold. Alpaca Bouclé is a double-sided fabric in Suri Alpaca and wool, produced using bouclé yarns.

The Decorative Cushions are covered with the Loro Piana Interiors Altai and Zelander® Check fabrics. As well as the sophisticated Altai fabric, Zelander® has been chosen in the classic check patterns, obtained by processing a high-quality Merino wool from New Zealand notable for its remarkable sheen and resistance.

All products covered with Loro Piana Interiors fabrics will be stitched with a special label that certifies their originality.

With six generations of experience, Loro Piana is a global leader in the processing of cashmere and fine wools. Its Interiors division produces high-end fabrics using fine fibres like Cashmere, Baby Cashmere, Vicuña and extra fine wools. These are used to furnish rooms with the same elegance, quality and functionality that Loro Piana reserves for its clothing and accessories.

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