30 April 2020

Poltrona Frau website has won the prestigious Indigo Awards 2020

The new Poltrona Frau website, created in collaboration with Triplesense Reply agency, has been awarded winner of the challenge among the best Mobile Responsive Design and has also won the place of honor in the UX, Interface & Navigation category.

Two medals for the same site, in a competition that rewards excellence in graphic, digital, mobile and game design.

Digital identity between "style and entertainment" on the new Poltrona Frau website, which for the first time has seen the integration of the three business units into one platform. The focus of the project is a customer journey that reproduces the harmonious combination of innovation and craftsmanship, the identity of the brand.

Indigo Awards is a competition open to designers, professionals and non-professionals alike:  talents who know how to combine vision, innovation and creativity, through all phases of a study, design and implementation process.

The competing projects are judged by a jury selected with the same merit criterion, that is, people who have been able to provide the world of design, understood in its broadest sense, with innovative contributions, in which the spark of originality shines.

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