Sartorial tradition and high technology, respect for the environment
and an eye on the future, know-how, flair and passion

340,000 m2 of Pelle Frau leather a year, the charm of a laser-cutting department, preceded by a visible wardrobe where the historic patterns are reordered in Bakelite, high-end tailoring, curved needles, frames, twine, jute and vegetable horsehair, the exclusive pleasure of the "touch" and the "hand" that accompany the creation of each product. Emphasising its attention to research and innovation, since the 1960's the Poltrona Frau headquarters in Tolentino has brought together various highly specialised departments, each of which committed to guaranteeing the highest quality and processing standards in the living, Contract and Interior in Motion segments, in a single production chain. A "factory" of creative brilliance and technological know-how, since the 1980's the Tolentino site has also included an analysis laboratory which, together with the R&D Department, examines ingredients and models pertaining to the entire production line: from seats to leather seats for the Interiors in Motion sector, from supplies for the Contract segment to supplies for the Avio segment. Each product is associated with a timeframe: 55 hours for the meticulous hand processing of a historic icon such as the Chester sofa. The speed of the future for the stylistic experiments carried out thanks to the five-axis CNC machine, the latest solution for rapid prototyping. The processes are marked by a practice that the company has carried out since the outset: the branding of the models. Synonymous with authenticity and perfect craftsmanship, flair and passion, since 1912.


A journey through the factory of knowledge



Poltrona Frau Museum

Icons and archive documents retracing a hundred years of history in the exhibition space designed by Michele de Lucchi


Poltrona Frau and the environment

Poltrona Frau was one of the first companies in Italy and the world to carry out an assessment in accordance with the ISO social responsibility guidelines. The certification obtained highlights the company's commitment to environmental sustainability and the health and safety of its workers. In light of this commitment, in 2010 Poltrona Frau installed a photovoltaic plant in the Tolentino headquarters.

With a capacity of 1.4 megawatts thanks to the 18,000 thin film photovoltaic modules, the plant produces around 1.68 million kWh a year, a saving of 1176 tonnes of CO2, and makes the Poltrona Frau plant independent in terms of its electricity supply, with excess quotas sold to the national grid. A "Zero Waste" project was also launched at the Tolentino headquarters which has made it possible to maximise the separate waste collection process across the entire site.


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