Poltrona Frau

Brand Identity

The words of poltrona Frau

The brand's identity, a blend of expert craftsmanship and research, sustainability and co-design, passion and flair.

  • Craftsmanship

    Poltrona Frau is the intelligence of hands, man's ability, tradition, sartorial savoir faire.
    Craftsmanship Craftsmanship Craftsmanship Craftsmanship Craftsmanship
  • Icons

    Poltrona Frau is timeless icons, long sellers and contemporary best sellers.
    Icons Icons Icons Icons Icons
  • material

    Poltrona Frau is strictly the finest European full-grain leather.
    Material Material Material
  • innovation

    Poltrona Frau is research and development as a guarantee of the best quality standards.
    Innovation Innovation Innovation Innovation Innovation
  • co-design

    Poltrona Frau is a co-design partner in the Contract and Interior in Motion sectors.
    Co-design - Cathay Pacific Lounge, Foster + Partners Co-design - Ferrari California Co-design - Italo Co-design - Palau de les Arts, Santiago Calatrava Co-design - Augusta A109 Executive
  • ergonomics

    Poltrona Frau is attention and sensibility for user-friendly comfort.
    Ergonomia - Japan Airlines Ergonomia - Japan Airlines Ergonomia - Antropovarius Ergonomia - Antropovarius Ergonomia - Antropovarius
  • Sensory qualities

    Poltrona Frau is a story of emotions and luxury as perceptible qualities.
    Sensory qualities Sensory qualities Sensory qualities Sensory qualities Sensory qualities
  • talent

    Poltrona Frau is a hallmark of the great international masters of design and architecture.
    Talent Talent Talent Talent Talent
  • sustainability

    Poltrona Frau is production processes that respect the environment and resources.
    Sustainability Sustainability Sustainability Sustainability
  • movement

    Poltrona Frau is living but also travelling on land, in the sky, on tracks, across the sea.
    Movement Movement Movement Movement
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