NaturaNaturally Poltrona Frau

Jute webbing. Cord. Eight-way springs. Materials processed in all of their natural beauty. The artisanal core of Poltrona Frau in a display that takes the form of a highly contemporary installation. Where an almost raw, high-impact style alternates with intimate and snug atmospheres. A winding route among five oval islands, each one enclosed by an intangible white veil. Within, a microcosm of material and colourful emotions. Each time, a panel that becomes almost an abstract work of art. Surfaces comprising of jute webbing, entwined like a highly modern macro fabric. Or arranged in parallel to form an unprocessed and geometric pattern. Or sequences of eight-way springs, one next to the other. All painted with a coat of straightforward varnish. The exalting of materials that belong to the historic Poltrona Frau collection. The most deeply-hidden soul of seats whose elegance is timeless. The roots of the best Italian quality now exhibited without filters, with great pride. On the back of each panel, jute canvas painted in white and the Poltrona Frau logo in zinc sheet.

Five islands. Five colour spaces. Colours gentian, violet, turtledove, cedar and grey assure the carpet is different each time. The furnishings have a similar palette, with colours including midnight blue, periwinkle, lavender and bardiglio. Each space highlights a different lifestyle and design situation whether in living room, bedroom, dining room, study or office. One island is arranged like a live Poltrona Frau workshop. One of our skilled craftsmen will talk, utilising the knowledge he that has been passed to him from generations before, and offer a live demonstration of the main processing phases of two icons: the Vanity Fair and Chester armchairs. He will present skills that will epitomise a century-old craft tradition; a tradition that is constantly renewed to keep pace with new techniques and materials.

Yesterday and today, the Poltrona Frau world. A living and lifestyle culture born from skilled hands.


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