New 2013 - Fiorile, design by Roberto Lazzeroni

Soft, rounded geometries. Different shapes and sizes that can be mixed and matched according to taste.

A triangle. A square. A rectangle. The smoothed corners, the soft, understated, almost organic lines.
Roberto Lazzeroni follows up “Ginger” and “Fred” with “Fiorile”. A family of tables of different designs and heights that can be used in different ways and combined according to taste. In the living-room your favourite table can be freely combined with the armchair in the corner or can add the finishing touch to a sofa, whilst in the bedroom it can be used as a minimalist bedside table. When combined, the tables create geometries that are different every time thanks also to their different heights, adding dynamism and elegance to the space in the process. The supports, in wengé-tinted solid ash, take their cue from the base of the new “Montera” chair in terms of their materials and sleek design.
The inlay work that is a feature of the new “Bolero” table can also be seen on the surfaces of all of the “Fiorile” tables, produced from birch plywood with an ash veneer. And according to the geometries of the table, the grain changes to form a different design each time.

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