New 2013 - Pelle Frau® Nest

Pelle Frau® Nest. Making every seat a cosy nest, where you can wrap yourself up in the warmth and natural beauty of exquisite leather. Rich, strong, solid, and yet incredibly soft to the touch, Pelle Frau® Nest is the result of careful workmanship. Expert craftsmanship that originates from 100 years of tradition and experience and from the history, passion and constant research of Poltrona Frau.

Everything begins with a careful selection of the very best full-grain leathers. Revealing their natural characteristics in the most harmonious way, only 10 leathers out of every 100 are good enough to be used for Pelle Frau® Nest.

The tanning process involves different stages that give the leather an unparalleled wholeness in terms of look and feel.

Colouring is carried out in oak barrels where pigments are absorbed naturally. This is the only way to get full, radiant colours that at the same time are transparent and reveal the delightful irregularity of the surface, which remains intact. With a contrast of light and dark commonly described by those in the leather tanning trade as “multipoint”. A sleek elegance that gives depth and movement to a robust leather with a bold character.

The tiny imperfections and varied colour effects tell the tale of natural, genuine leather and of quality that comes from careful, expert craftsmanship. No two leathers are the same and every piece of upholstered furniture is different and unique.

Pelle Frau® Nest is available in 23 shades, all of which inspired by the colours of stones and nature.

Due to its special characteristics, the leather should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat sources. Accidental stains cannot always be removed. Pelle Frau® Nest is resistant to wear and bending and holds its colour in normal conditions. When cleaning we recommend only using a slightly damp, soft, white cloth. Remove dust frequently with a dry, non-abrasive white cloth.

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