Pelle Frau Century


Have a seat in a century of history.

Imagine the beauty of a Vanity Fair or of an Archibald armchair in a hundred years. Touch the leather, that is even softer, almost smooth. Touch the seams sewn by hand, precise like when they were first sewn but yet nicely consumed. Perceive the warmth of the surfaces, rendered deeper by a play of shades and tones. A world of sensations that appeals to you immediately. This is Pelle Frau® Century leather. Leather that has undergone long hours of processing to tell the story, in every crease and mark, of one hundred years of history. An intense journey through time to celebrate the centenary of the brand founded in 1912. A complete visual and tactile experience of a leather culture consolidated by tradition.

Pelle Frau® Century leather is the result of a new leather dyeing process that the company has developed in more than two years of research. The raw leather is cut, shaped and sewn to size, and dyed subsequently. The colouring process is combined with a special stone wash, that gives the surfaces a worn and perfectly calibrated aspect. The fading, in fact, is exactly where it should be, near the sides and the seams. A complex process that in the cutting and sewing phase requires precise calculation of the extra quantity to factor in the shrinking from the washing and dyeing. The final effect is a smooth and warm hand, combined with the deeply charming feel of old leather.

Each piece of furniture covered with Pelle Frau® Century leather is different from the next. Small, but perceptible variations in texture make each piece a unique object that becomes part of your world. Almost a historical piece of furniture, that tells the story of Poltrona Frau, a story that combines with the story of those who sit in that armchair, admiring the value of its craftsmanship and feeling the sensations it offers. A value that meets the desires of a young public, increasingly sensitive to the charm of objects with a real, personal experience behind them.

Pelle Frau® Century leather is offered in two shades: Tabacco and Piombo, and is available to upholster only a select number of pieces of furniture with the Poltrona Frau brand. Chester One, Lyra. 1919, Vanity Fair, the Archibald collection and Juliet, an armchair designed by Benjamin Hubert and winner of the design contest launched by Poltrona Frau for the centenary.


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