Poltrona Frau conquers mile-high luxury and flies Alitalia

Alitalia has chosen Poltrona Frau to upholster its new Business Class seats on its intercontinental flights, which were presented in recent days along with the new aircraft livery and on-board services.
The Business Class seats are upholstered in Pelle Frau® Leather in contrasting colours of beige and black. This refined combination is redolent of luxury sports cars and has been chosen to increase the experience of quality and superior excellence.
The seat cushion is in beige leather whilst the black backrest has a headrest and a horizontal strip moulded at shoulder height, both in beige. The headrest carries the green and red Alitalia logo, whilst the Poltrona Frau logo is embossed lower down on the backrest.
Poltrona Frau entered the aeronautic sector in 1990 when it created First Class seats in its first job for Alitalia.
As well as Alitalia, other prestigious partnerships in the aeronautic industry include the exclusive first class suites for Singapore Airlines and the high comfort environments of Etihad's new and luxurious dream suites.
Poltrona Frau’s strength lies in its ability to work with the client with a co-design approach in order to satisfy diverse requirements, applying its 100 years of experience to any project.
Working in this sector presents continual technological challenges, first and foremost research into special fire-resistant leather that can pass the most stringent smoke and fire tests provided for by international safety regulations whilst ensuring a high level of comfort.


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