Poltrona Frau presents Atelier

Attention to detail makes small things great.

Atelier is Poltrona Frau’s new small leather item collection, a blend of craftsmanship and attention to detail. All items are intelligently and lovingly designed, cut, assembled, and finished, ready for the touch, caress and use of their owners.  

Poltrona Frau rounds off its world of furniture and objects by applying its culture to the business of everyday life. Bowls, boxes, containers, and leather accessories all play a discrete but important role in their user’s personal space and time, whether at home, at work, or on the move.

Their essential shapes stand out because every Atelier object tells a story. They are the product of a long history of craftsmanship, one that shows off the intrinsic beauty of the traditional materials. Leather takes pride of place. Poltrona Frau has a great heritage of craftsmanship and skill at bringing out the most valuable qualities of this material and in so doing most clearly expresses its identity. Pelle Frau® Soul stands out for its natural and lived-in charm,  while Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System distinguishes itself by its infinite range of colours. The language of Poltrona Frau, whose furnishing designs create an intimate and refined atmosphere, finds new forms of expression in Atelier - a microcosm of feeling, functionality and elegance. Atelier objects, distributed in Poltrona Frau stores and selected luxury outlets, come in four different collections.


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