24 October 2016

The Poltrona Frau showroom in Via Manzoni Milan celebrated the “beautiful sleep”.

This thematic exhibition invited us on a journey from room to room, with eight alluring and magical environments. These eight interpretations of the art of sleep reflected different personalities and attitudes to how we welcome sleep and dreams with natural elegance and taste.

Conviviality was the theme for the area hosting Lullaby Due, a round bed by Luigi Massoni, a powerful symbol of the late 60s, interpreted as an oversized day bed. It suggests freedom in a free-form bedroom where the bed with swivel base can be placed in the centre of the room.

Roberto Lazzeroni rewrites the romance of the four-poster bed in rigorous and masculine terms harmonising comfort and refined workmanship. The Volare bed perfect for large spaces fits into an environment suggestive of a discreet feminine presence with Leplì poufs in English pink colour and Ren vanity.

The atmosphere turned a little dandyish and intellectual for the Massimosistema Bed, which was combined with a black Chester sofa, a Fumoir armchair in water green chenille and the Lloyd bookcase. It is for anyone who conceives relaxing, reading, and a return to tradition as indispensable elements of daily life.

Nighttime was reinterpreted in a seductive and sophisticated key for the Aurora Due area by Tito Agnoli and its headboard with capitonné work in a contemporary key with regular articulations. The room was rounded off by the Fidelio chest of drawers and the new Fiorile bedside tables by Roberto Lazzeroni plus the Dorian floor mirror, another novelty.

The John-John Bed space by Jean-Marie Massaud was dedicated to millennials:  welcoming like a hug and mystical like the amethyst colour of the bed. Optimism and resourcefulness, with pieces from the 1950s by Gastone Rinaldi such as Letizia and T904.

The Bretagne Bed area with its enveloping and protective geometry and rounded head was an invitation to reflect and to spend a while alone reading or engaged in informal work.

In contrast, the GranTorino Coupé Bed area by Jean-Marie Massaud has a sporty, snappy personality but one that doesn't hold back on charming details with a small headboard and the hand embroidered “X”.

Glamour typical of romantic film sets of the 50s characterises the Suzie Wong Extra space, by Roberto Lazzeroni, with a headboard punctuated by two horizontal buttons with a dry and discreet femininity.

A number of new products completed the various sleeping areas. The Fidelio Bench, Dorian mirror, Fiorile bedside tables all by Roberto Lazzeroni, broaden the range of bedroom accessories and, thanks to their versatility, are destined to find an easy and natural place in other domestic environments.

A dedicated area with theatrical and atmospheric lighting was used for the presentation of the new mattresses and mattress bases.

An intimate space was dedicated to the world of Frette, an historic Italian home linen company with which Poltrona Frau has opened an important partnership to dress its beds.

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