18 July 2017

Poltrona Frau 3D Configurator. On the website directly, beyond imagination.

With the Poltrona Frau 3D Configurator, you will finally live a virtual experience, realising the product of your dream to translate it into reality. You will be able to eliminate the perceptive distance between what you will create artificially and the physical product. In addition to the outstanding degree of detail of the 3D models, which reproduce the furniture, in a pleasant and “real” way you can simulate, on a wide range of products, the output of the wonderful Pelle Frau® nuances and collections.


With the Poltrona Frau 3D Configurator you can enter the minimum detail of the materials, to make tangible the elegance of every single model. To you the freedom to interact with the products in the catalogue, choosing them, comparing them, exploring them in 3D from every angle, personalising them with your favourite finishing and, above all, in real time.


The digital experience that Poltrona Frau 3D Configurator will let you live “comfortably” and with few gestures, it will be engaging and useful, for sure, to live immediately the emotion of your new furniture by Poltrona Frau. 


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