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14 April 2015

Poltrona Frau. Windows on the World.

In cold countries windows are small so as not to throw away warmth, but they have wide splays to let in all the light they can. They don't even have shutters because there isn't much sun and people live almost always in darkness. We need light to live well, and we need light to sleep well too!
In the South the thicker the walls the better! Windows can get as hot as radiators. So shutters stay closed all day long and there doesn't seem to be anybody at home. But when the sun sets, balconies are flung open and everyone comes out to breathe the cool evening air.
Windows can be huge, as in The Netherlands where they reach from horizon to sky but don't open completely, since that would be impossible! They are theatrical windows, without curtains, onto an ever-changing stage. They have thin frames because visual borders aren't needed.
In Russia, windows are delightful and amusing. Sills, jambs and architraves are like miscellaneous, coloured and decorated picture-frames. Russian windows always allow glimpses of flower pots, lace curtains and interiors embellished with wallpapers and wall-rugs.
Igloos are best without windows, and sheds have twisted ones. New York skyscrapers don't even have walls, they are all windows but always shut.
The Poltrona Frau stage is full of windows looking out and looking in, looking between rooms. The windows don't separate but unite and interrelate sofas, beds, armchairs, rooms and bookcases.
This is the Poltrona Frau world
(Michele De Lucchi, 27 March 2015)   
Salone del Mobile Rho Fiera Hall 20 Stand D19 - E16
14/19 Aprile 9.30/18.00 


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