Enjoy our 110th anniversary with the Poltrona Frau Milan virtual tour

06 June 2022

Browse through the new outdoor and indoor collections and discover the secrets of our products walking in Poltrona Frau, in the Italian metropolitan city of fashion and design.


The virtual tour offers many functionalities, like the possibility to choose how to visit the space – in video mode, step by step, dollhouse or floorplan. It is also possible to measure the size of products and spaces.

Every curiosity is answered by the different pins dislocated throughout the whole screen that offer information and anecdotes. The product name and category, video interviews and closeup pictures, finally the links that redirect to the Poltrona Frau website to discover technical sheets and more details.

On the top left corner, the link to contact Poltrona Frau is easy to find, on the opposite corner a simple click will offer the possibility to share the virtual tour with anyone else.

Without further ado, go in and begin the journey in the Poltrona Frau world.