All colours are
the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites.
Marc Chagall

Join us in a journey through space and time
to discover a new way to think about color.

A new way of
thinking about color

From science to color awareness.

Colors are evaluated in ColorSphere® following a simple perceptual-emotional pathway;

A chromatic map that identifies and brings similar colors together in groups that are much easier to choose and combine compared to the traditional technical- scientific criterion.

The world has changed

And even color is no longer what it once was

With this in mind, Poltrona Frau has created ColorSphere®: a system that combines colors and atmospheres starting from its name. ColorSphere® promotes playing and experimenting with various nuances; it guides us on a fascinating journey through color and remind us of or reveals the emotional impact of each of them.


Into The Black

From day to night, Into the Black. A journey towards deep black through a sophisticated scale of warm and cold greys, with perfectly balanced tones and inter-tones.

These are the colors of the executive world, of stones, of functionalist and experimental architecture. Widely used in interiors and architecture, they allow ample freedom of combination with the most disparate materials and furnishings, without ever losing their extraordinary elegance.

Milky Way

Frozen Whites / Soft Whites

Soft Whites

Frozen Whites

The galaxy of whites shines with numerous warm and cold shades.

The group of Soft Whites includes five very sophisticated shades of warm, mellow whites which give leather a diverse array of visual and emotional characteristics, from cream to porous marble.

The icy, luminous elegance of the Frozen Whites group includes four shades of cold whites inspired by the most luxurious and refined fabrics.


Like a thin veil of make-up that enhances the complexion, here is Foundation.

The natural and subdued elegance of non-colors, of those shades that give a refined and particular tone to an entire environment without imposing a strong presence. Three light, refined and versatile shades that play between grey and beige, which recall the scent of face powder, hazelnuts or freshly baked biscuits.


Blonde Woods / Tannery / Ever Browns

Blonde Woods


Ever Browns

Tierras is the collection of dark and light browns, colors of nature, of leather and saddle-leather par excellence.

Blonde Woods, Tannery and Ever Browns recount the timeless tones of the great English tradition of clubs, fumoirs and the equestrian world. A cultured and contemporary reinterpretation that comes to explore new ranges of blonde hues inspired by precious woods and the interiors of the most exclusive luxury cars.

Red Memories

If they were wines, they could be called "The great reds of Poltrona Frau”.

Like their counterparts in the bottle, these sumptuous and brilliant reds improve over time, acquiring richer and more precious shades over the years. Red Memories tells part of the history of the company itself, such as the red of the Vanity Fair icon that approaches Pompeian tones, or the suggestive and deep hues that recall lacquers, the cocciopesto and soft covers of ancient hand-bound volumes.

Winter Garden

Out of the Blue / Pier 1 / Tender is the Night

Pier 1

Tender is the Night

Out of the Blue

All the silent charm of a solitary jardin d'hiver seen at midnight: here is Winter Garden, which collects the magical and mysterious shades of greens and blues.

The two renewed ranges of greens, Pier 1 and Tender is the Night, instead explore the intense and elegant nocturnal greens, up to the lighter, bluish, natural ones.

Out of the Blue explores all the shades of blue: from frozen tones to bright blues, up to the less saturated, lightest blues.

Back in Town

Gion / Faubour / Ipanema




Eclectic, bold, cosmopolitan: Back in Town associates colors that are not arranged according to a descending scale, combining them in a cultured and emotional way full.

Gion is the famous geisha district of Kyoto, one of the most exclusive and renowned in Japan. Its lights, its nightlife, its refinement are summarised in the vibrant and refined shades of purples, combined with vivid yellows. We are suddenly shifted to Paris luxury with Faubourg and its reference to the colors of French high fashion and leather goods. Ipanema is a chic neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro overlooking the famous beach; the color refers to exotic worlds and South American and Latin panoramas.