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The Odeon seat was created to satisfy the most contemporary of cinema theatre requirements. Designed by Poltrona Frau R.&D., it stands out for its rigorous forms and excellent comfort. The Odeon seat was designed to furnish the old 1930s Odeon Cafè, recently reconverted into one of Italy’s most extraordinary cinemas, The Space Odeon in the centre of Milan, close to the Duomo.

The armchair conserves the timeless charm of the place for which it was created while seeking to offer new and greater levels of functionality.
Specifications: The Odeon seat has a reinforced headrest and large armrests. The fine stitching on the backrest and seat embellishes the surfaces, giving them a soft and elegant feel. The structure is made from seasoned beech. The spring system consists of woven elastic belts while the padding is in fire-resistant polyurethane foam. Wooden base. The Odeon chair is fitted with an electric mechanism that allows you to recline the backrest and lift the footrest. The commands for the mechanisms are integrated in the armrest. Thanks to its optimised movement, the footrest firstly slides forward and then rotates 40°. It is a one-of-a-kind mechanism that was designed ad hoc to guarantee total comfort, ensuring that users have a large area on which to rest their legs. Upholstery in Pelle Frau® leather in the collection colours. Other covers are also available on request.
Variants: The Odeon seat can be customised with a drink or multi-purpose holder inserted in the front of the armrest. Other accessories that can be integrated in the armrest include a removable LED light, a USB battery charger with aluminium finish, and a little table.


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