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30 June 2021

They say you reap what you sow. According to Awwwards and FWA, in our case it is Excellence having won

A virtual unveiling of the new collection, where real life, interactive video stories and product features merge together offering a more interactive browsing of the digital catalogue.” – Leonardo Allasia, Global Director of Marketing & Communications.

This is the reason why Poltrona Frau with the creative and digital services of AQuest won the FWA’s Site of the Day (FOTD) of June 19th with the 2021 Take Your Time Collection website, scoring 81 points ranking #1 for whole 4 days

Just the tip of the iceberg, as the same weekend brought us another victory from Awwwards: our digital presentation won as the Site of the Day on June 30th, and has also received the Developer Award, the Honorable Mention and Mobile Excellence Award.

Do not miss the chance to visit our 2021 Take Your Time Collection website and be part of the change.


Favourite Website Awards – aka FWA – moves with the times and prides itself on pushing the internet generation forward. It does it by showcasing the most progressive and forward-thinking projects created by individuals, agencies and brands. On FWA every day an international team of 500 judges vote on submitted projects awarding the FOTD to the most promising projects and attitudes. 

Awwwards, a meeting point where digital design professionals from across the globe find inspiration, impart knowledge and experience, connect, and share constructive, respectful critiques.

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