Like velvet, chenille is also very elegant and bright thanks to the presence of viscose. This “Shine” effect is produced by the canvas weave which creates an interesting 3D piqué effect.


A chenille fabric reinterpreted by Poltrona Frau in 5 exclusive colours. Shine is made from a simple and strong “canvas structure” that combines a weft yarn with an identical warp yarn. The chenille yarn is produced by weaving two yarns of different materials in spiral form: the stronger, thinner cotton that forms the core and the thicker and softer viscose which forms the “hair”. The yarn is quite thick and because of its “hair” is similar to velvet, and for this reason the same precautions must be taken. It is very important to be aware of the possible flattening of the “hair”, which is highly visible on dark colours. Over time the hair of the chenille yarn may flatten and be visible on the surface of the sofa. In this case it is possible to raise the “hair” by using a steam cleaner from a distance of at least 30 cm and lightly rubbing the damp surface with a very soft brush or by using a clean, damp cloth that doesn’t leave residues. Padded components must only be used when the cover is completely dr y. Delicately brush after drying. To reduce pressure marks it is a good idea to regularly brush the surface with a soft-bristle brush (e.g. a clothes brush).

Care and Maintenance

Technical specifications

56% CO - 44% VI


For details on the composition, maintenance and cleaning of the fabric, see the fabric sheet or the label on the product. Warning! When using fabric cleaning and maintenance products, follow the instructions given on the container. For the fabrics washable in water, washing at specialized laundries is suggested. Never use alcohol or other solvents. Avoid direct contact between the fabric and heat sources, leaving a gap of at least 20-30 cm. All materials, including those of the highest quality, may be subject to changes in colour, particularly if exposed to bright sunlight. It is best not to expose the material to direct sunlight. Warning! When used to the same extent, fabrics that cover soft surfaces are subject to greater wear than those covering rigid surfaces. Warning! Due to its nature and the treatment undergone, not all stains can be removed completely from the fabric.