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Part of the lids of the Zhuang office multi-purpose holder and pen holder is fixed in position to protect the contents while the mobile part is equipped with a metal clip that acts as a handle. A metal support at the base of the pen holder can be used as a ruler. Thanks to magnets inserted in the wood, the ruler remains perfectly in position when it is replaced.

The working pad is made from a double layer of Tortora-coloured saddle-leather. When open it can be used to work on with a laptop, also extending far enough to be used as a mouse pad.  It closes like a book to become an easy-to-transport document holder. It is embellished with metal clips to make it easier to open.

Zhuang | Desk Accessories

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Concept and Design

In Chinese ‘zhuang’ means to protect something precious. The collection of Zhuang containers designed by Neri & Hu for Poltrona Frau consists of a series of stackable treasure chests with a minimalist and ultra contemporary design. The Zhuang containers can be used freely in the various areas of the home or office to store both valuable objects or everyday items.

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Mr. Neri received his Master of Architecture at Harvard University and his Bachelor of Architecture at UC Berkeley. Ms. Hu received her Master of Architecture and Urban Planning at Princeton University and her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at UC Berkeley. Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are the Founding Partners of Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, an inter-disciplinary international architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China, with an additional office in London, UK. Neri&Hu works internationally providing architecture, interior, master planning, graphic, and product design services.  

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