2024 Imagine Collection


Imagine Softness

Parka by Draga & Aurel

Squash Collection by Faye Toogood

Imagine Reality

Vanity Fair XC Imagine Edition by Fornasetti x Poltrona Frau

Imagine Culture meets Craft

Capsule Collection by Ozwald Boateng x Poltrona Frau

Imagine Boundless Living

Mirabell by Gamfratesi

Solaria by Serafini + Palomba

Sparkler by Kensaku Oshiro

Imagine Versatility

DUO Collection with Ceccotti Collezioni

Nymph and Stock 'n Roll by Sebastian Herkner

Other range extensions

Imagine Well-being

Tableware Collection

Office Collection

Pet Collection

Imagine Variety

Pelle Frau Outdoor

2024 Leather Collection

2024 Textile Collection