“THE NIGHT” of Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau presents its new catalogue “THE NIGHT”.

A grand tour of enchanted buildings and magnificent mansions in a silent and secluded yet beautiful Italy.


Room after room tells a story of art and magic, which is fully revealed in the first light of dawn. The deep recesses of a large window. A precious fresco of sumptuous colours. The interplay between solids and voids in ancient wood panelling. And then, shapes designed to welcome sleep with natural elegance. Leather worked by artisans who know all of its secrets. The leather and the fabrics. The wood and the steel. Soft feathers and refined colours.


The bed which is both architecture and nest. A calculated melding of contemporary design and tradition.


Welcome to the Poltrona Frau night, where your Italian dream continues day after day.


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