Berlin. A new Poltrona Frau space at Stilwerk

After the opening, over the last 2 months , of 12 shop-in-shop spaces in other major cities across Germany, Poltrona Frau is now inaugurating, in partnership with Premium Glas, a 200-square metre space devoted to artisanal intelligence and Italian know-how in Stilwerk, the most important concept store dedicated to design in Europe.

Three living areas and a bedroom area narrate the identity and the over 100-year long history of Poltrona Frau in a formal style expressed in an effective and well-balanced colour scheme.

All of the products here reflect the identity and values of the company: its Leathership®, i.e. its leading role in the area of leather processing, its savoir-fair in the area of manual expertise and tailoring, and the heritage  of a deep-rooted tradition in continual dialogue with contemporary style.

The four areas create elegant and refined moods where the combinations are always interesting and perfectly harmonious.



Kantstraße 17


Tel. +49 30 31010393

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