Poltrona Frau has opened a new retail space in Ningbo, China.

The new mono-brand store, a space of 340 square metres distributed on a single floor, is characterized by a sequence of different living spaces. Intimate and at the same time large spaces, in which the different rooms of the house alternate according to the Poltrona Frau philosophy, from the living area to the bedroom, from the dining room to the home office area. A retail project that aims to offer visitors the feeling of a real home.


 A succession of windows in light, natural wood with opaque brass details defines the spaces connoting them as domestic scenarios.


The layout combines historical and contemporary pieces with coherence. From the iconic 1919 and Sanluca armchairs to the recent collections of accessories REN and XI lighting by the Chinese duo Neri & Hu, light architecture, reminiscent of an oriental concept of space and design.


A special area is dedicated to the Poltrona Frau Leathership®, where a suggestive leather bookcase invites visitors to a real sensory experience through the warmth and beauty of this material


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