"Second skin": the University of San Marino transforms the "waste" of Poltrona Frau into new materials, in the spirit of ethics and sustainability

Nineteen ideas to give new life to waste deriving from the processing of leather used by Poltrona Frau to upholster its products. The results are plasters, sound-absorbing panels and colors to be applied with brushes.
It is the outcome of the recent project born with the support of Poltrona Frau and developed by the University of the Republic of San Marino, which involved 60 students of the degree course in Design in a laboratory coordinated by the professor Massimo Barbierato.
The waste leather has been attacked, pulverized, cut and inflated, and in some cases combined with materials such as chalk, cement, resins, wax, paper and marble dust. In this way, new design horizons have emerged that have transformed waste leather into surfaces, coatings, transparent elements, plasters, filaments, wires and sheets of paper.
The project, called "Second skin", has experimented with new ways and new horizons linked to the "leather" matter in an ethical and sustainable approach.


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